Self Defense

The right to self-defense is inherent, but carries with it great legal and  ethical responsibilities.  My goal is to empower average citizens to act morally, and decisively, in the face of a mortal threat.

Foundation Skills

The Foundation Skills for effective armed self defense are just that...foundational.   As Louis Awerbuck was fond of saying, "There are no advanced gunfights." I emphasize safety, manipulation and marksmanship in this phase of training.

Encounter Skills

The "soft skills" of handling street encounters are rarely, if ever, addressed in concealed carry training for armed citizens.   Awareness, avoidance,  de-escalation and the law are as important as a fast draw stroke and an accurate shot.

Whether you are a novice considering armed self defense or an experienced shooter looking to place your skills into a defensive context, my classes will exceed your expecations or I will refund your money.