William T. Aprill

William T. Aprill

William Aprill is a licensed mental health professional with over 15 years experience across the continuum of care. He presently maintains a private practice and consultancy specializing in post-traumatic interventions and other disciplines.

William is a former deputy sheriff (Orleans Parish, LA, Criminal Sheriff’s Office) and Special Deputy US Marshal (Eastern District of Louisiana). He is a decorated competitive shooter and has taught civilian, law enforcement, and military personnel in various fighting skills since 1990. He maintains an active schedule both as student and teacher, having been instructor-rated by several top-tier trainers and studying under many of the most influential members of the combative arts community.

William has been a regular guest in firearms/training industry media, including popular appearances on Ballistic Radio and Personal Defense Talk, has been referenced in publications including The Tactical Wire and The Journal of the Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network, and is the subject of two Personal Defense Network DVDs of his original training material on defensive decision-making and mindset development.

Traditional Martial Arts

  • Nidan (2nd degree black belt), Minami Ryu Jujutsu under Jack Garret and Frank Curtis
  • Instructor’s License, Ketsugo Ryu Jujutsu issued by Soke Dai B.I. Koepke

Instructor Ratings

  • Advanced Personal Protection Instructor, Rangemaster
  • Basic Personal Protection Instructor, Rangemaster
  • Certified Affiliate Instructor (Defensive Handgun), Defense Training International
  • Weapon Disarming Instructor, Lethal Force Institute
  • Weapon Retention Instructor, Lethal Force Institute
  • Weapons and Tactics Instructor, Tactical Response
  • Kubotan/Persuader Instructor, Lethal Force Institute
  • Combative Pistol Certified Instructor, Suarez International

You can visit his website at www.aprillriskconsulting.com.

Upcoming Classes: “UNTHINKABLE” Class – October 28-29 2017