New Classes Coming Soon!!!

New Classes Coming Soon!!!

Concealed Carry: Questions & Choices (Dates to be Determined)

This four hour lecture presents and answers the questions, organizes information and makes sense of the confusing choices and options people entering the concealed carry lifestyle face. Covering the big and small details of equipping for armed self-defense, this course charts the path for the novice to follow to enable informed decisions. (There is no firearms training or range time in this course. Technically it meets the training requirement to apply for a concealed pistol permit in Virginia, but this is NOT recommended!)`

  • The Decision to Arm
  • Rights and Responsibilities:
  • Mindset
  • Legal Considerations
  • Equipping for concealed carry
  • Safe Storage
  • Skill Acquisition

Cost: $50.00

No prerequisites

Concealed Carry: Force on Force (Dates to be determined)

This laboratory will put into practice every day concealed carry skills in controlled force on force exercises representing realistic scenarios. Techniques and tactics will be trained and rehearsed under the crucible of pressure from an acting, thinking and TRAINED opponent.

Cost: $175.00

Prerequisites: Concealed Carry: Foundation Skills or equivalent. Contact to discuss.


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