Which FPF Training class should I take?

Well, all of them, of course!   Seriously, it depends on what your goal is. If you’re looking for a life experience, to gain some general knowledge or to lay a foundation for other classes and skills, then Pistol Skills 101, Minuteman Rifle and Shotgun Skills are your points of entry for pistol, rifle and shotgun. FPF Training also offers other “hard skills” courses for people not interested in shooting or pursuing the armed lifestyle.  Everyone should take a trauma aid class, and that’s why I host Greg Ellifritz’s “Tactical First Aid and System Collapse Medicine” course.  Greg is an exceptional instructor, and in 2019 I’m also hosting him for his “Knives for CCW” class, which is an excellent primer into the defensive knife world.  Also available is the Concealed Carry:  Pepper Spray course as well as Cecil Burch’s “Just enough Jits” class on unarmed self-defense. If you are looking to start carrying a concealed pistol and already have experience shooting pistols, then I would recommend watching the videos I have up on the FPF Training YouTube channel, and then attending Concealed Carry:  Foundation Skills.  This class is really the entry point for concealed carry practitioners, and I recommend it even for people that have been carrying for some time.  (In fact, if you take this course and find that it wasn’t worth your time, I’ll refund your money AND compensate you for the ammunition you fired!) After Foundation Skills, or approved, equivalent training, the entire FPF Training curriculum is open, though the next course I would recommend would be “Concealed Carry: Advanced Skills and Tactics, which is a two-day course.  If you want to work on your shooting skills and concealed carry tactics, CC: Advanced Tactics and Techniques is the course for you.  Also available are CC: Two Person Tactics, which trains pairs to act in concer as well as CC:  Vehicle Environment Skills, which prepares citizens to defend themselves in and around their cars. In addition to the classes I present, I also host guest instructors in specific disciplines.  Massad Ayoob is the industry-acknowledged leader in the laws of self-defense and the application of lethal force.  I host Tom Givens annually for his advanced concealed carry and instructor courses.  Also look for Spencer Keepers, Karl Rehn, HITS Tactical and a host of others under the “Guest Instructors” link on the homepage. Also, this area has a plethora of excellent instruction available.  I heartily recommend my friends over at Green-Ops and Justified Defensive Concepts and their classes in the NOVA area.

Thanks, and I hope to see you on the range!

John Murphy