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Cecil Burch Immediate Action Pugilism

  • FPF Training Link Up Point 11113 James Monroe Highway Culpeper, VA, 22701 United States (map)

Guest Instructor:
Cecil Burch
Immediate Action Combatives

Immediate Action Pugilism 101:
Boxing for Self-Preservation in the Weapons Based Environment

Sometimes, in order to defend ourselves and our loved ones, the only tool we might have to rely on is our own body. Even if you have external weapons, you might not be able to access them. Your safety may come down to how well you can survive a hand-to-hand confrontation. The Immediate Action Pugilism course is designed to give the layman a realistic and functional set of concepts, techniques, methodologies, training drills and experiences that will prepare them for a worst case H2H scenario. All techniques and concepts are high percentile applications which span a wide spectrum of confrontations. Training consists of presentation, drilling and Force-On-Force evolutions providing attendees with immediate feedback regarding the efficacy of the skills learned. The goal of this course is not to create a professional boxer or MMA competitor. The objective is to provide attendees who have limited training time and resources with solid fundamentals geared toward the increasingly violent weapon based environments they may live, work and/or travel within. All the techniques presented are based time tested and proven Boxing and MMA Striking methodologies and are the best, most functional and high percentage moves and tactics available.

  • These methods are for everyone regardless of physical condition – young, old, male, female, athlete or not – You DO NOT have to be a professional fighter to perform at a functional level. This will be a class about physical training, but it is NOT boot camp. Participants may go at the pace that is comfortable for them, while trying to push the envelope of their own individual performance.

  • Requirements: Boxing gloves (at least 12oz or bigger unless per-authorized by the instructor), loose, comfortable but durable clothes, mouthpiece, cup, notebook, and an open mind. MMA gloves are strongly encouraged, but are not mandatory.

Immediate Action Pugilism is divided into modules that address specific situations. Seminars/training can be customized to fit your needs by arranging for the appropriate modules to be covered. Topics covered will include:

  • Why should we think about Striking in a Self-defense context?

  • Underlying Concepts and Mindset for use

  • Dealing with the Sucker Punch / Ambush

  • The Default Cover

  • Transitioning to and Regaining the Initiative

  • 1st stage of defense – the fighting platform

  • 2nd stage of defense – arm motion, footwork, level change

  • 1st stages of offense – tight jab & cross; proper method of delivering impact safely

  • Secondary Striking Tools (Eye Jab, Elbow, Knee, Slap )

  • Fundamentals of the Clinch/Safely Entering

  • Controlling the Entanglement

  • Individual & Partner Drills

  • Gradual introduction and immersion into sparring

  • Fighting at Close Quarters; attached and unattached

  • Disengaging from the clinch

  • Safely gaining distance for escape, weapons access, or orientation reset

  • Keeping the Fight standing, realistically defending the takedown

  • Performance Coaching and Troubleshooting

  • Insights and Suggestions for Solo Training

  • Tips and pointers on how to train the material with the limitations of a real world lifestyle

NOTE: Cecil is also teaching Jui Jitsu 101 this same weekend. Click here for more info.