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Shotgun Skills

Shotgun Skills builds upon the fundamentals taught in Home Defense Shotgun. The basics will be reinforced, but students will be pushed to improve speed and accuracy with the shotgun on single targets, challenging multiple target arrays, and in competitive timed shooting. Shotgun Skills will also cover the application and use of slugs, use of the shotgun in close quarters, and the basics of approaching corners with a long gun. At the end of the day students will shoot an abbreviated slug and buckshot qualification similar to law enforcement shotgun qualification courses for the shotgun.

Required: Minimum round count: 125 birdshot, 125 buckshot, 25 slugs (NO STEEL SHOT ALLOWED!)

Note: If circumstances permit the class may shoot more than the advertised minimum…bringing an extra box or two of birdshot may not be a bad idea.

This class is taught by Tim Chandler of FPF Training. Here's a note from Tim about the class:

We do a lot of work with birdshot to learn manipulations, loading, etc. We use buckshot, including some premium defensive grade buckshot, so we get an idea of how your gun patterns, to emphasize recoil control, and to shoot the qualification course. 

 For birdshot any lead shot that will function reliably in your gun will be fine. I personally tend to buy heavier #4 or #6 shot as it patterns tighter and hits a little harder on steel plates. Winchester makes some 200 round packages of those loads which you can obtain relatively inexpensively from big box retailers like Wal-Mart, Dick’s (at least before they went stupid on gun control), etc. It can also be found online. I would recommend staying away from Field and Stream branded shotgun ammunition as I’ve seen it cause function issues due to how sloppily made it is. 

For defensive buckshot I use Federal Flight Control Law Enforcement low recoil loads or Remington’s low recoil law enforcement loads. These loads are still abundantly powerful for our purposes of personal defense, but they don’t beat you up when you shoot them. 

For bulk buckshot, I use Sellier and Bellot 00 or #1 buckshot because it’s cheap and shoots pretty well out of most of my shotguns. Any bulk buckshot will be sufficient for most of the shooting we do in the class...but when it comes time to shoot the qual most bulk buckshot patterns too wide to score 100% in most guns. That’s why I recommend Flight Control buckshot from Federal as at least part of your loadout. That tends to pattern nicely in most guns. 

I buy a lot of my ammo from: