Shooting accurately is a relatively easy-to-acquire mechanical skill. Shooting is only a subset skill of self-defense. For average citizens to receive the best return on their investment of time and money, I believe that shooting skills must be acquired and rehearsed within the context of the realities of armed self-defense.

“John, Thanks for a great experience. Dave was very gung-ho to take the course, myself very apprehensive.
I agreed to take it with him. This was my 4th time shooting a pistol, I was not even comfortable loading and clearing the weapon by myself, and didn’t know how to draw.

I left there feeling I had just enough pistol knowledge and handling to be dangerous. Your course has greatly improved my abilities and confidence.”

— FPF Training Student

Mission Statement

My mission is to provide firearms training focused on the skills that provide the best chance for success in a self-defense situation. No Hollywood style gunplay. No “trademark pending” techniques or secret systems. Just what has worked for ordinary people that found themselves in extraordinary circumstances.



What to Expect

Professional training in the realities of criminal violence, the law of self-defense, and skills which will move you outside your comfort zone and prepare you to prevail when confronted with criminal violence.

Concealed Carry ClassHosting FPF Training Courses

If you’re interested in hosting an FPF Training course, drop me an email and we’ll see what we can work out. Figure $400 a student for a weekend class, with a minimum of ten students. I am also fully mobile and logistically independent with a trailer loaded with everything I need. You provide the range and the students, I have everything else.