Course Experience

Classes are conducted at a private facility in Culpeper, VA. You can expect to learn only the most tested and pertinent skills. I do not teach flashy gunplay or ballistic fun. Every shot is a learning experience designed to optimize the chance for survival in a self-defense situation. Classes are limited to 14 students.

Real Skills for Practical People

My courses e17_BW_webmphasize the skills the average citizens need to prevail in a criminal encounter.

  • Safety
  • Methods of Concealed Carry
  • Presentation (Drawstroke)
  • Manipulation
  • Marksmanship
  • Tactics
  • Patterns of Violence and Criminal Behavior
  • Legal Considerations
“John, I have been teaching firearms for over 20 years, I’ve taught at over 10 different shooting schools, and I’ve been a student of over 20 different shooting courses, and I can honestly say that you are one of the most dynamic instructors I have ever met.”

— FPF Training Student

Classes Offered

Pistol Skills 101


This six hour, introductory course is designed for novice shooters who wish to make a fully informed decision before purchasing their first firearm, or for new gun owners looking for practical experience with their new purchase. This course provides a thorough introduction to firearms safety, gun handling, and shooting skills. Instruction includes: safe gun handling, pistol parts and operation, types of ammunition, fundamentals of shooting, maintenance and cleaning the pistol, and continued training and skill development opportunities

This is a private class for individuals or small groups. The classroom portion can take place in your home, at our range or another mutually agreed to location. A course completion certificate will be provided at the completion of this training. This certificate may be used to obtain a Virginia resident / non-resident concealed carry permit.

This class exceeds the training requirement for a Virginia Concealed Pistol Permit.
  • Cost: $150.00
  • Time: By Appointment
  • 100 rounds required
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Concealed Carry: Foundation Skills


This ten hour class is intended for near novice and experienced shooters alike seeking to acquire the basic skills required for carrying and employing a concealed handgun in self-defense.

The class consists of an extensive read ahead email, multi-media classroom presentation and subsequent defensive marksmanship training drills. These defensive marksmanship training drills emphasize safety, pistol manipulation (load, unload, reload, reduce malfunctions, perform a concealed draw stroke), practical marksmanship and the legal considerations of employing deadly force. (Includes a copy of “The Law of Self-Defense” by Andrew Branca.

This class exceeds the training requirement for a Virginia Concealed Pistol Permit.
  • Cost: $175.00
  • Time: 0800-1800
  • 200 rounds required
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Concealed Carry: Street Encounter Skills


During this ten hour course, students will concentrate on practical application exercises transitioning their foundation skills into a realistic context and live fire environment. The principles of de-escalation, verbalization and decisive movement will be exercised along with practice in the judicious use of lethal force.

This course also includes a 4 hour interactive, multi-media lecture illustrating the indicators of criminal pre-assault behavior, the physiological impact of stress in self-defense situations and ballistic performance. The course culminates with highly supervised “force on force” scenarios to reinforce and exercise the defensive principles of awareness, avoidance, deterrence, de-escalation and transition to decisive action.

This class exceeds the training requirement for a Virginia Concealed Pistol Permit.
  • Cost: $175.00
  • Time: 0800-1800
  • 200 rounds required
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Advanced Concealed Carry Tactics


A two day, 20-hour course which expands the spectrum of skills while maintaining realism throughout. Broken down into modules, students will “Hit at Distance”, “Up Close and Personal”, “In and Around Cars” – as well as engage multiple moving targets, shoot from disadvantaged positions and participate in both live fire and “Force on Force” scenarios.

Students will also shoot a variety of qualification courses “for time” in order to establish a baseline of skill.

This class exceeds the training requirement for a Virginia Concealed Pistol Permit.
  • Cost: $350.00
  • Time: 0800-1800 (2 Days)
  • 800 rounds required
  • Prerequisite: Street Encounter Skills
  • (Night shoot offered in Spring/Fall)
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Pistol vs Rifle


This four hour seminar deals with the tactical problems faced by an armed citizen confronted with a criminal armed with a rifle.

Topics will be:

  • Ballistic Disadvantage
  • Movement and Cover
  • Marksmanship at Distance
  • AK Pick up Drills
This class exceeds the training requirement for a Virginia Concealed Pistol Permit.
  • Cost: $75.00
  • 200 rounds required
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Course Requirements

  • Hours for all courses are 8:00am – 6:00pm, unless otherwise noted. Please arrive promptly at 7:45am.
  • For all private courses, there is a a minimum of 8 students, with topics and curriculum negotiable

Foundation Skills Requirements:

Center fire handgun (rentals available), 200 rounds per day (student supplied!), wrap-around eye protection, ear protection, baseball hat, 3 spare magazines, quality side holster and magazine pouch.
Holster: Belt, inside the waistband or thigh holsters are acceptable. No shoulder or cross-draw holsters. Holsters must allow for one handed reholstering…no floppy nylon. Holsters must also completely cover the trigger! Blackhawk Serpa holsters with the retention feature are NOT permitted!

Street Encounter Skills:

All of the above, plus having attended a previous FPF Training Course or other recognized training requiring drawing from a holster.


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