Concealed Carry: Vehicle Environment Skills

Concealed Carry: Vehicle Environment Skills

Americans are in love with their cars, and many of us spend hours every day in our vehicles commuting and interacting with society at 60 mph. The criminal and anti-social element is mobile as well, and consequently we may find ourselves in an encounter “in and around” our cars.

This course look at self-defense from the “vehicle environment” standpoint, and illustrates manners and methods by which we can be deselected, deter or, if necessary, prevail in a criminal encounter in and around our cars. Students will engage in both “dry” and “live” fire exercises. (Face masks will be available for students concerned about inhaling glass particles.)

Course Pre-requisite:

Concealed Carry: Foundation Skills or other recognized training Contact to verify eligibility. (NOTE: There will be an inventory skills test prior to any work around the vehicles in the class. If you are unable to demonstrate a safe draw stroke, you’ll be removed from the course and your fee applied to another FPF Training class or sponsored event.)

  • Eyes, ears, food, water, sunblock, insect repellant, long-sleeved shirt, gloves (optional)
  • Cost: $200.00
  • Time: 0830-1700
  • 200 rounds required


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