FPF Training Resources —

Download FPF Training Brochure (PDF)

Download FPF Training Flyer (PDF)


Recommended Reading —

Fighting Smarter, by Tom Givens

The Law of Self Defense, by Andrew Branca

In the Name of Self-Defense, by Marc MacYoung


Endorsed Instructors — (Tom and Lynn Givens for advanced concealed carry standards and skills) (EXCELLENT classes locally to NOVA and Culpeper. Highly recommended!) (Steve Fisher for pistol marksmanship & manipulation) (Greg Ellifritz for trauma first aid, knives for CCW, general knowledge) (Kathy Jackson for concealed carry for women) (Craig Douglas aka “SouthNarc”. Unarmed combatives, ground-fighting and close quarters shooting.) (Many excellent training opportunities with Pat Goodale’s crew!) (Excellent basic course before attending Foundation Skills.)


Endorsed Stores — (Excellent gun store in Mclean!) (Excellent gun store in Manassas, VA) (Excellent gun store in Woodbridge, VA) (Excellent gun store in Herndon, VA) (THE gear store in NOVA!) (A very niche gun store that also does Cerakoate and gunsmith work as well!)


Indoor Ranges — (Manassas. First class facility!)