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Salmah and I really enjoyed the Concealed Carry Foundation Skills course on Saturday. The course helped us develop a vastly improved comfort level in carrying a concealed handgun and confidence in being able to effectively make timely and legal decisions in using reasonable force for personal protection. The subject matter of your presentations were well chosen and to the point. The effectiveness of your personal presentation style was engaging, well planned, and attention grabbing. We especially appreciated the individual attention provided by you and the coaches at the range. The focus on skills transfer surrounded by excellent safety procedures was outstanding.

Many thanks for a great learning experience and we look forward to taking the Street Encounter Skills course in the near future.

Thanks and regards

James E

A couple’s view of Foundation Skills

Hey John,

Thank you for running an awesome Advanced Tactics and Techniques Course. I thoroughly enjoyed the curriculum and the drills were extremely unique and practical. I’ve taken a lot of courses and a lot of the top tier instructors lack your unique creativity to introduce these extremely interesting drills that we could easily find ourselves in a situation to employ. You guys area great and your facilities, air fleet and training aides are the BEST!

Thanks again,

Dario B.

Review of Advanced Tactics and Techniques

John, I had the best time this weekend with your class, and I’ll continue to come back because of your dedication to keeping it useful and changing the drills based upon your research of the real threats you see in the world.

John I.

Review of Advanced Class on 4/23 – 24

I put my faith in John and trusted him enough to train my family … and that he didn’t disappoint. He doesn’t know it,
but he had very lofty goals that I had set for him and he exceeded them all. If you’re looking for a good foundation course, go to Culpeper, VA,
and take a class from John you won’t regret it.


John Murphy, through FPF Training, has accomplished what very few firearms instructors have – he successfully combines contextual, practical, and real-life concealed carry training in a package that is both enjoyable and will build your skill and experience level no matter where you start….from novice to pro! He blends relevant and understandable classroom instruction with practical, skill-building range drills that build upon each other from foundation to final product. I have taken many hours of concealed carry training from a variety of instructors and John Murphy is without equal. I enthusiastically recommend his courses for any level of skill or experienced shooter. He is that good!

Rear Admiral James E. McPherson, JAGC, USN (Ret.), Former Judge Advocate General of the Navy

Rear Admiral James E. McPherson

FPF Training, offers THE BEST value for the money in pistol courses, with Gunsite quality
instruction at a fraction of the price.

LtCol P, USMCR, Ret

John, this was indeed one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had. THANK YOU for such an excellent training. I had no idea one weekend would change my appreciation on so many things. I am SO ready for the “human animals” out there! THANK YOU for your professionalism, your time and efforts.

It was a bumpy road but I enjoyed every moment. The whole package, in and out of the range, was amazing. My husband will be deployed soon to AFG (again). I’m so glad he pushed me to my limits so I could get this done…

FPF Student I

This was a two-day, 16-hour class. Four hours in a classroom setting and 12 hours on the range. The in-class setting was held by John Murphy, the owner/instructor for FPF Training. John went through a lot of very valuable material in four hours, ranging from when to act and when to stand down, but more importantly, how to avoid a negative situation to begin with. I don’t know how long it took John to put together his slide-show, but it was impressive to say the least.

I originally walked in thinking I could handle myself in a defensive situation, but within the course of a few hours and a few videos, I soon realized I did not know as much as I thought I did. John gave a great history lesson and short legal overview regarding what to do and what not to do when the shooting ends in a defensive situation. Falling asleep was not a problem. I was not bored at any point in time, but if I was, rest assured that John’s voice would cure that.

For a man of maybe five-foot seven – and I am being nice – he is loud! His points ring clear in your mind by the end of class.

FPF Student II

I thought I would drop you a line and say “thanks” for all the skills that you have drilled into me over the years. I unfortunately I had to use them, but it was not an encounter with a weapon.

I was in Portland, OR walking on a busy sidewalk during mid-morning and was glancing to my right to make sure I wouldn’t get hit by a car when I crossed the street when I spotted a white male of about 30-35 about my size approaching me fairly quickly. He yelled, “why are you looking at me!” I oriented on him and said in a friendly voice that I was looking down the street at traffic. Then he approached closer (4-5 ft) and said, “No you were looking at me!”

I had a multitude of thoughts roll through my head at one time: I can’t waste time conversing with a lunatic, why is he confronting someone his equal in size, is there an accomplice nearby, and what is my plan. I had a moment of clarity, and at once decided not to escalate a situation that this guy seemed hell bent on doing, stayed calm and stood my ground. I realized that there were other pedestrians nearby by so, I raised my voice looked him right in the eyes and sternly said if, “One step closer and I will defend myself.” He didn’t move but I was ready to attack at the slightest movement and I had a clinical frame of mind, that is, this is my situation and I’m going to deal with it and I’m going to win the contest. After it was obvious that he decided not to make a move (couple of seconds) I backed up and left about my business.

As a younger man I probably would have escalated the situation and probably spent the day in jail. But, the self discipline and restraint required as a concealed weapons carrier readily transfers to a less than lethal situation and my automatic reaction I attribute to your training.

Thanks and I’ll see you on the range

FPF Student III