Advanced Recoil Management (William Aprill/Paul Sharp 8 June 2019)

Advanced Recoil Management (William Aprill/Paul Sharp 8 June 2019)

The Pistol Intensive Weekend is designed for individuals who are interested in dramatically
increasing their pistol skills and performance a brief, concentrated timeframe. PIW is
appropriate for student shooters in any chosen context: private-citizen concealed carry, home
defense, law-enforcement/duty purposes, and the shooting sports. The emphasis of the
instruction is on increasing applied speed and accuracy with carry guns rather than on tactical or scenario-based exercises. We believe that “running the gun” faster than one thought possible while maintaining life-saving accuracy is achievable for the motivated student and that confidence with one’s pistol comes from the competence this demanding coursework will instill.

Part of our method is that PIW courses are necessarily high round-count training (+/-1250
per day, +/-2500 for both days) in order to ingrain the new technical components, to reveal and highlight performance areas in need of remediation, and to cover the amount of essential
material. Please note that this is not a “spray and pray” environment, but rather one of
intensive scrutiny and accountability for every round fired, just as is the case in the larger

There are no formal prerequisites to attendance other than willingness to learn and absolute
commitment to safe gunhandling. Please contact either instructor with any questions about
individual readiness for the courses.

We will challenge you and make you a better shooter.

Establishing the optimal grip
Leverage and traction
Defining the combative drawstroke
Building a consistent and repeatable index
Establishing a shooting position at “The 3”
Shooting through the process of extension
Shooting while moving
Addressing multiple targets and opponents
Recoil management in alternate shooting positions
Individual skills assessment
Future practice planning for continuing development

Equipment List:
• A high-quality fighting pistol that works, in a service caliber; a second one just as good
is an excellent idea
• 1250 rounds of quality ammunition per day of training you will attend
• A roll of masking tape
• A high-quality holster
• Wrap-around eye protection
• Electronic hearing protection
• Seasonally appropriate clothing
• A sturdy gun belt
• Lots of magazines that work; 6 would seem like a good minimum
• Belt pouches for 2 magazines
• Rain gear (we will shoot rain or shine)
• Sunblock as needed
• Knee pads and shooting gloves, if you like them
• Insect repellent
• A brimmed hat or cap
• Note-taking materials
• Firearms cleaning and lubrication equipment

And last, but not least: an UPLULA Magazine Loader appropriate to your pistol(s).
You will regret not bringing this item…trust us.
| $ 225.00