Historical Handgun

Historical Handgun: Karl Rehn of KR Training

Course Description: Learn the history of handgun training & technique, 1935-present day.


  • key figures in handgun technique development
  • essential books, decade by decade
  • historical shooting drills
  • historical qualification courses of fire
  • relative difficulty of historical training standards
  • comparison of shooter performance (historical vs. present day)

This course will present a chronological history of handgun skills and drills, paired with the guns most commonly associated with those skills and drills. Lecture material will focus on the most influential shooters and trainers from different eras, and their specific contributions to the field of defensive handgunning. 

1 day format is shooting and part lecture, shot with one firearm type. This means you only need one gun...and we can provide it!

400 rounds.  

| $ 200.00