Home Defense Shotgun

Home Defense Shotgun

Tim Chandler, graduate of many shooting courses and a certified Rangemaster Instructor, will be presenting Home Defense Shotgun throughout 2018!

The objective of this course is to cover the topics most relevant to the use of the shotgun as a tool of home defense including: 

 - Selection/configuration of the defensive shotgun

- Proper ammunition selection

- Reliable loading and operation of the shotgun

- Shooting technique and recoil management

- Patterning

 By the end of the course students will demonstrate competence in the handling, loading, and rapid, accurate use of the shotgun at common home defense distances. At the end of the day students will shoot a shotgun qualification course. 

Students will require 250 round of birdshot and 50 rounds of buckshot, 10 of which should be premium such as Federal Flight Control.  (Plus all the usual stuff you'd take for a day on the range.



| $ 200.00