Practical Revolvers---Chuck Haggard

Practical Revolvers---Chuck Haggard

This training will examine the use of revolvers as a defensive tool for use in a criminal assault paradigm or for large animal defense in the woods, and the differences between full sized and snub nosed revolver tactics.

Topics covered;

Trigger manipulation

Simple sight improvements in order to make the most of what you have

Methods of carry, and draw/access for various non conventional carry locations

How to integrate dry practice into an effective revolver training program


Malfunctions and clearing

Ammunition selection 

This course in approximately 8 hours in length

Students need to provide a reliable revolver, full sized or snubby does not matter. S&W or Ruger revolvers are highly recommended due to reliability issues with many other brands. 

(students may use more than one revolver of they choose to gain practice time with multiple guns)

A safe holster or holsters

250 rounds of reliable ammunition.

Training note;

Airweight revolvers can be abusive during a long range day. Wadcutter ammunition is suggested for the bulk of the students use if the student chooses to use a lightweight snubby revolver.

Reliable rimfire revolvers would be allowed and appropriate for this class


| $ 200.00