Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry: Street Encounter Skills

Concealed Carry: Street Encounter Skills

During this ten-hour Concealed Carry: Street Encounter Skills course in Virginia, students will concentrate on practical application exercises transitioning their foundation skills into a realistic context and live fire environment. The principles of de-escalation, verbalization and decisive movement will be exercised along with practice in the judicious use of lethal force.

This course also includes a 4-hour interactive, multi-media lecture illustrating the indicators of criminal pre-assault behavior, the physiological impact of stress in self-defense situations and ballistic performance.  Additionally, students will be instructed in the use of pepper spray as a less lethal force alternative. (Inert units only.) The course culminates with highly supervised “force on force” scenarios designed to reinforce and exercise the defensive principles of awareness, avoidance, deterrence, de-escalation and transition to decisive action.

This class exceeds the training requirement for a Virginia Concealed Pistol Permit.Virginia Resident Concealed Handgun Permits are issued by the circuit court of the county or city in which the applicant resides.


  • Cost:  $175.00
  • Time: 0800-1800
  • 300 rounds required


| $ 175.00