Tactical First Aid & “System Collapse” Medicine

Tactical First Aid & “System Collapse” Medicine:

This hands-on class on Tactical First Aid & “System Collapse” medicine will develop proficiency in basic battlefield medical techniques utilizing the military’s latest “Tactical Combat Casualty Care” protocols.

Students will learn to stop traumatic bleeding from gunshot and knife wounds using the latest pressure bandages, tourniquets, and hemostatic agents.  Self care and care under fire will also be addressed.

Students will also learn simple patient assessment techniques, how to treat a sucking chest wound and tension pneumothorax as well as field fracture immobilization and expedient c-spine immobilization.  Options for assuring clear airways (including improvised surgical airways) will be practiced.

This course will be presented at the Courtyard Marriott at 6710 Commerce St, Springfield, VA. 

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| $ 250.00