Minuteman Rifle

This eight-hour class is designed to provide the novice a firm grounding in basics of safety, manipulation and marksmanship for military style rifles, primarily the AR series. Minuteman Rifle Course (MRC) is a basic class, plate carriers, night vision devices, lasers, etc. are not required. Optics (Aimpoint, Trijicon, etc. are welcome!) Cost is $200, with 400 rounds required.

Topics include:

  • Cycle of operation

  • Nomenclature

  • Accessories

  • Ballistics and zeroing

  • Fundamentals of marksmanship

  • The Big Four shooting positions

  • Basic manipulation

  • Malfunctions

  • Graded marksmanship exercises

  • Class sizes are limited to ten shooters to ensure plenty of individual attention.

Things to Bring:

  • Eye and Ear protection (I have loaners available)

  • A hat with a bill (Baseball style)

  • A military rifle equipped with a sling (AR/AK/H&K, etc.) with at least 400 rounds. Bring at least 30 rounds of regular ball (M-193) ammunition for the final drill of the class.  (You can shoot steel-cored (M855 ammunition) in the course, but not on my steel targets, please!)

  • AT LEAST 3 rifle magazines and a means for carrying AT LEAST one spare magazine on your person

  • Pen and paper

  • Plenty of liquids and lunch

  • Gloves (Seasonal)

  • KNEE AND ELBOW PADS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! A shooting mat will be provided.


 Home Defense Shotgun

The objective of this course is to cover the topics most relevant to home defense and the use of the shotgun as a defensive tool in that context including:

  • The realities of home defense

  • Selection/configuration of the defensive shotgun

  • Proper ammunition selection

  • Reliable loading and operation of the shotgun

  • Shooting technique and recoil management

  • Patterning

By the end of the course students will demonstrate competence in the handling, loading, and rapid, accurate use of the shotgun at common home defense distances. At the end of the day students will shoot a shotgun qualification course.

Students will need 150 round of birdshot and 50 rounds of buckshot, 10 of which should be premium such as Federal Flight Control.  (Plus all the usual stuff you’d take for a day on the range.)

Don’t have a shotgun? No problem! We have loaners available. If you would like us to provide ammunition as well give us at least a few weeks notice before class and we can provide ammunition for a reasonable rate as well! It’s often better to get the training so you can make an informed purchase decision about the shotgun and the ammunition you want to use in it for home defense.



 Shotgun Skills

Shotgun Skills builds upon the fundamentals taught in Home Defense Shotgun. The basics will be reinforced, but students will be pushed to improve speed and accuracy with the shotgun on single targets, challenging multiple target arrays, and in competitive timed shooting. Shotgun Skills will also cover the application and use of slugs, use of the shotgun in close quarters, and the basics of approaching corners with a long gun. At the end of the day students will shoot an abbreviated slug and buckshot qualification similar to law enforcement shotgun qualification courses for the shotgun.

  • Minimum round count: 125 birdshot, 125 buckshot, 25 slugs (NO STEEL SHOT ALLOWED!)

  • Note: If circumstances permit the class may shoot more than the advertised minimum…bringing an extra box or two of birdshot may not be a bad idea.