Concealed Carry: Pepper Spray

This five hour course is designed to integrate pepper spray into our array of self-defense measures or as an option for people that choose not to be armed with a pistol. Topics include:

  • Capabilities and Limitations

  • Selection and Carry

  • Presentation and Application

  • Consequences and Contingencies

  • Pre-Incident Indicators and Street Encounter Skills

  • Post-Incident Actions

  • Transition to lethal force will be discussed

NOTES:  Students will NOT be exposed to live agent during this course, but will participate in role playing exercises using inert trainers which will be provided. Students will be required to bring and wear eye protection during the practical exercises.

Transitioning from pepper spray to lethal force will exercised in this class.  Students will be required to download their pistols and will be subjected to a search prior to this evolution. Pistols will be deactivated by being “roped.”

Course cost ($200) includes 1 MK6 pepper spray trainers and 1 Sabre Red MK6 live agent dispenser, which will be issued at the end of the class.


Vehicle Environment Skills

Americans are in love with their cars, and many of us spend hours every day in our vehicles commuting and interacting with society at 60 mph. The criminal and anti-social element is mobile as well, and consequently we may find ourselves in an encounter “in and around” our cars.

This Concealed Carry: Vehicle Environment Skills course look at self-defense from the “vehicle environment” standpoint, and illustrates manners and methods by which we can be deselected, deter or, if necessary, prevail in a criminal encounter in and around our cars. Students will engage in both “dry” and “live” fire exercises and engage in scenario based work around their own vehicles.

Course Pre-requisite:

Concealed Carry: Foundation Skills or other recognized training. Please contact us to verify eligibility. (NOTE: There will be an inventory skills test prior to any work around the vehicles in the class. If you are unable to demonstrate a safe draw stroke, you’ll be removed from the course and your fee applied to another FPF Training class or sponsored event.) 

  • You’ll Need: Eye protection, ear protection, food, water, sunblock, insect repellent, long-sleeved shirt, gloves (optional)


Two Person Tactics

People who are serious about self-defense tend to associate with like-minded individuals. Consequently, they may encounter situations where working a problem together can exponentially increase their chances for a successful outcome. This ten-hour Concealed Carry: Two Person Tactics course develops the skills and tactics required for individuals that possess self-defense skills to function as a team across the spectrum of street situations they are likely to encounter with techniques for cooperative communication, movement and the application of appropriate force.

Alternatively, some spouses/significant others decline to prepare for violence, yet may still be present during an event. This course will provide them basic pepper spray and 1st aid skills, as well as enable them to act in concert with their partner